Sphaera civitatis

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Sphaera civitatis

Title: Sphaera civitatis, authore Magistro Iohanne Caso Oxoniensi, olim Collegii Diui Iohannis Praecursoris socio

Author: Case, John, d. 1600.

Imprint: Oxoniae : Excudebat Iosephus Barnesius, 1588.

Date: 1588

Bibliographical references: STC (2nd ed.) / 4761; Madan, Oxford Books, I. p. 25-26.

Physical description:  [36], 740, [12] p.

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Caption (Newberry Library, Chicago): 'John Case's famous frontispiece depicts Queen Elizabeth standing above a diagram of a Ptolemaic universe, within which the planets represent the moral traits of good government: Majesty, Prudence, Fortitude, Religion, Mercy, Eloquence, and Abundance. At the center is "Immovable Justice." Elizabeth is positioned like God outside the created order, capably guiding it. Case was a scholar at Oxford, and his book is an Aristotelian treatise on politics.'